Wild Heart

Long time no see.. had to take a break from blogging (not from my Instagram tho) since I didn't know what to post, besides having no motivation and time. The last year was all about finding myself, getting to know the world and about change in general. I traveled through South- and Central America for half a year, moved out of my parents' home and got accepted at my dream university. I made a bunch of new friends and became more friendly with myself. I also became more conscious about the world and the environment itself (those who know me can underline that back then I didn't care too much about these topics...) that's why I now want to focus more on sustainable living, fashion etc. on this blog. I was also thinking about a little travel diary with loads of photos as well as tips and tricks to spend a really good time whilst spending as little as possible. Let's see what happens with this blog of mine. I'm really looking forward to all the new things and changes that 2018 will bring along. Till then I wish you all having a good time, throwing loads of glitter and celebrating good and bad memories – because the latter also matter haha! Oh and for those of you wondering: these pictures were taken by Daniel Grünfeld for the amazing store "Magasin Populaire" (if you ever visit Cologne you definitely have to stop by – they focus on a variety of sustainable clothing brands and other cool stuff)


  1. Ach, bist du schön! Schön, dass alles rund läuft!


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